Book: Cosmic Conscious Communication

Cosmic Conscious Communication: A True Story of Reunion with a Celestial Intelligence takes you on an alluring, intimate journey with Vicki as she travels through her inner vision beyond present reality. A predestined meeting with her twin soul and mentor sadly ends too soon, leaving her alone to maneuver challenging complex mind body changes. She … More Book: Cosmic Conscious Communication

Cosmic Agenda

Cosmic Conscious Communication evolved from 17 years of challenging, yet fascinating effort. Journey with me in your imagination, heart and soul as you read each page. The channeled messages are compelling and influential. Intuit the message in the words as you intellectually absorb them. Please let me know how you feel about the book and … More Cosmic Agenda

A New Reality

Divine beings, we are now at the threshold of a great spiritual advancement and awakening. The Council of the White Brotherhood asks us to move away from our comfort zone and explore the unknown by shifting our thoughts, our beliefs, our attitude, and our attachments in how we imagine life should be. Break the bondage … More A New Reality

Change Evokes Fear

Change is necessary for survival. We grow used to what is comfortable and predictable because it induces reassurance. However, many of us fear change in our lives because it brings with it insecurity and a feeling of losing control. In times of change our belief system may be questioned. Our attitude toward our self, others, … More Change Evokes Fear


On occasion I like to check in with spirt through my Angel cards or Tarot, and sometimes I’ll use the Rune stones. Even though I often connect with my guides, The Council, through thought, I feel there is an array of spiritual guides watching over and helping us that also speak messages in different forms … More Synchronicity