Book: Cosmic Conscious Communication

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 Cosmic Conscious Communication takes you on an alluring journey with Vicki as she maneuvers through a challenging body-mind transformation necessary to open an inner gateway for communication with Celestial Entities. With the assistance of a mentor, medical intuitive, Jim Branch, Vicki learns to breach the dimensional veil. The Celestial Entities, known as the Great White Brotherhood, escorts her passage into their ethereal world. They directly train Vicki to hear their vibrational words and deliver a message of preparedness to humanity to survive the consciousness ascension.
This true story will arouse your innate desire to explore the imperceptible mystical reality of the cosmos. Cosmic celestial entities are ready and waiting to help our world move through a period of time never before endured.

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Cosmic Agenda

Cosmic Conscious Communication evolved from 17 years of challenging, yet fascinating effort. Journey with me in your imagination, heart and soul as you read each page. The channeled messages are compelling and influential. Intuit the message in the words as you intellectually absorb them.

Please let me know how you feel about the book and any related experiences you have had.

There is a difference between Extraterrestrial communication and a Celestial Intelligence. Extraterrestrials live in a 3rd dimensional intergalactic space and have tangible dense structures similar to ours although their structural arrangement is usually different.

A Celestial Intelligence is not bound by a 3rd dimension structure. However, they may assume one if needed, although the density is not as solid as ours. They move within dimensional realms in the form of light by way of thought and intention without the need of a galactic vehicle. They are considered heavenly forms which breach all concepts of time and space.

We are at a crucial time in the history of the planet. A cosmic agenda is unfolding in the celestial realms. However, it is up to us to take the reins and guide the direction. Our collective consciousness has the ability to catapult us into a new way of life or it will lead us into a continued negative downward spiral.

Man can only be as Godlike as he, in his thinking, desires to be, and desire creates the pattern. Man lives the pattern as he created it in his desire, be it one incarnation or many. For in Divine Principle, a day is likened unto a thousand years and a thousand years unto a day.

A New Reality

Divine beings, we are now at the threshold of a great spiritual advancement and awakening. The Council of the White Brotherhood asks us to move away from our comfort zone and explore the unknown by shifting our thoughts, our beliefs, our attitude, and our attachments in how we imagine life should be. Break the bondage of fear and let go. Allow greater changes to manifest within our lives. Ordinary people must prepare to accept self-realization in a manifestation of light energy, which connects to the eternal light of God.

Imagine what life would be like if we existed in a state of magnificent love and benevolence. Our bodies would envelop eternal youth with only slight deterioration as it connected into a fountain of light. The beauty around us, the color of the earth, the flowers, the trees, and nature would convert into a source of empowerment. A higher state of consciousness would sustain in each one as we maintained an infinite connection within the collective matrix of our Creator. Envision food taken into the body as fuel to nurture rather than as a decadent pleasure. Nourishment would originate from the earth, giving the body a feeling of lightness in the physical form and in consciousness. The divine light would maintain the new activated light energy within each cell of the body, supporting our existence in a higher dimensional plane within our new reality.

The simple lifestyle modifications requested by the Council are essential to achieve states of advanced awakening. Careful choices must be made as we review the condition of our lives. As we seek the levels of perception that separate our inner selves from the external material world and journey on our path toward self-realization, the most central aspect to personify is unwavering tranquility. Doing so will allow an easier transition into an elevated state and attain a successful entry into the higher realms.

For the last fifty years, the rate of change increased and is now moving at a rapid pace. In the coming years, changes will move even more rapidly. The last decade has been a phase of understanding and preparation for people receptive to the spiritual teacher’s knowledge. The next decade will substantiate the consciousness shift on all levels in our lives and the global community.

Individuals willing and prepared will advance toward their divine purpose. Our previous incarnations and our present life experiences brought each one to this historical moment. Our greater destiny is now obtainable as a gift from the divine will of God.

All who connect into this cosmic consciousness will be transported forward into the new earth.

Change Evokes Fear

Change is necessary for survival. We grow used to what is comfortable and predictable because it induces reassurance. However, many of us fear change in our lives because it brings with it insecurity and a feeling of losing control. In times of change our belief system may be questioned. Our attitude toward our self, others, and the world may be forced to transform.

Living in the US and tolerating the most recent political election is an excellent illustration in how change might evoke fear. This article is not about this election but the event is a very good example how a major change can bring about a deep insecurity forcing us to readjust our attitude.

A catastrophic event such as an earthquake, a hurricane or an electrical grid failure forces change in the environment and our personal life. And even the events unfolding now with the terrible displacement of families in Syria due to unpredictable, unprecedented war bring on the horrendous feeling of losing control, immense anxiety and uncertainty. Sitting here in the comfort of my office, I cannot phantom the tremendous change these people are experiencing from being uprooted and displaced.

We are in a time now when we are no longer guaranteed control over events. Chaos at all levels, environmentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually will breed enormous fear. How are we going to accommodate ourselves to this new way of living?

The Council of the Ancient White Brotherhood says, “There is something to be sorted among the emotions as they arise during times of change. Fear, being based in the human consciousness, is an emotion that triggers action and will be more apparent in the days ahead.”

They also state, “It is important at this time that the souls that have chosen to be here, who made the choice long before the present time, and are predestined to live through these events, are here to release the fear that has been gathered through many journeys; and presently as a shift of time changes this fear, it is important that the fear be released to move into new dimensional states, for this fear will not be a survival tool as love begins to be more a part of the consciousness.”

The Council suggests that the opposite of fear is love. This is a fact most of us reading this article understand already. They say the dimensional shift the planet as a whole is advancing through will transcend the fear. Our view of what is happening to us and our environment will shift and we will not be overcome by distress.

The Council says, “So we ask, why would one choose one state beyond that of the other, when the thoughts be the one that creates the fear, the suffering, the chaos, the questioning, the judgement and the pain, when the choice could be made to stay within that state of Joy.”

“What is recommended is to remove self from the plane of fear into the plane of love, from the level of intellect into the level of heart, and that is what will help each individual soul to endure and survive the change.”

“This is a time to rejoice in preparation, for change is upon all. Joining the body into the oneness of light is occurring. The road may be difficult between here and there, but keeping the mind and heart focused upon the joy in the end will be what will help complete the journey.”

This all seems so simple to me but so very true. In past years, I have asked the Council why there is so much suffering and death through war and similar events, like those that relate to the Syrian crisis. They have said over and over that there is a cyclical cleansing on the planet that happens periodically. Those who live in areas that is part of the cleansing are there by preordained choice and will return to their light and for those remaining to not grieve their return.

Vicki Largen Mauer


Advanced Spiritual Seekers

Should it be ordained, as it is among some of you, that when you lay aside your earthly coil with no longer a desire to ever again choose another earthly coil, you still serve; there is no death. and to those who are in spiritual truth and are unable to clear the record now, in this present physical journey, they shall be able to choose another body and pick up the threads where they have dropped them here.


On occasion I like to check in with spirt through my Angel cards or Tarot, and sometimes I’ll use the Rune stones. Even though I often connect with my guides, The Council, through thought, I feel there is an array of spiritual guides watching over and helping us that also speak messages in different forms such as the cards. Today I asked for a teaching for humanity, something that I could share that would benefit everyone in our troubled world today.

Synchronicity was given from my Angel cards. This is the spirit message paraphrased:

“Are you noticing the signs that the spirt world have been sending you lately? People and situations are not just appearing by coincidence. In reality, they are being guided to you from the Spirit world to help you for a specific reason. These blessings and sign of grace are not just mere coincidences, but are evidence that you are and always will be connected to spirit. Certain people may appear in your path or you may be given a particular book. You may hear the same name repeated multiple times in a day or a certain workshop or course keeping popping up. Notice and pay attention to these signs of grace.”

“Synchronicity doesn’t just happen. Stop and take a deep look at the direction you are taking and the spiritual choices you are about to make. Welcome them and act accordingly for Spirit is trying to guide you.”

With all the unrest in the global community and our personal material lives today, I interpret this message as a recommendation to take a few minutes to bring your focus internally. Observe and understand the physical limitations of this 3rd dimensional reality and trust and believe that a greater force is watching over and guiding you. The signs/messages are clearly being given to you in how to maneuver through these troubling times. Breathe, focus, stay aware, watch and listen. You are not alone.

1/19/17 VLM

How Strong is Your Inner Urge to Grow

Growth in consciousness does not happen overnight. It is a process that requires discipline, commitment, passion, and an inner urge to reunify with your deepest spiritual source. The body and mind need time to adjust to changes that are imminent. It is impossible for the body to shift without the mind and vice versa. Both work in harmony.

An easier transition occurs with preparation. Keeping the body internally clean is vital and nurturing a positive attitude to encourage a peaceful state of consciousness is essential.

The above suggestions are now crucial as we  enter into a global shift of consciousness at all levels.  If you have the desire and are ready to make the shift, begin now reviewing your life and make the adjustments necessary to move forward.

I would love to speak with my readers about how you are changing and how the shift is affecting your personally. Please comment!

Much Light and Love,


Are You an Old Soul?

(Author Unknown)


An Old Soul. Are you One?

An old soul is essentially someone who is young, but prefers to be around older people, and has a more mature outlook on life than most people their age.  Old souls tend to spend a lot of their time alone, and a lot of people seem to misunderstand them.  Contrary to what people think, old souls aren’t lonely, they are just comfortable with themselves and enjoy their own company.  When it comes to love and being in relationships, they also express their love differently, and here, we show you how.

  1. Homebody. Old souls are homebodies, which mean they are always looking for the person that will be willing to stay in with them on a Friday night, perhaps reading poetry over candle light with a bottle of wine.
  2. Materialists. Old souls aren’t impressed by materialistic things, so if you’re hoping for that new set of diamond earrings, keep wishing. An old soul will likely choose to write you a love letter over buying you jewelry.
  3. Communication. Old souls are great communicators, and will tell you what they are feeling. They don’t play games, especially when it comes to relationships. Don’t be taken aback by their honesty however, because they do mean well at the end of the day.
  4. Emotions. Old souls aren’t capable of having one night stands because they get emotionally invested in whoever they are dating. They feel things on a deeper level than most people do, and don’t open up to just anyone.
  5. Settling. Old souls think about life in the grand scheme of things. For example, an old soul won’t settle down with you unless they think there is some future potential in the relationship. They don’t do things for no reason.
  6. Shy. Most old souls have a hard time fitting in with other people because they don’t seem to have a lot in common with others. An old soul might seem standoffish at first, but they’re really just shy. So don’t assume that because they aren’t saying much, they don’t like you.
  7. Understanding. They value your opinion, and are good listeners. They are very understanding, and are good at seeing things from different perspectives. So if you find yourself in an argument with an old soul, they will try to come up with a solution for your problem rather than argue with you about it for hours on end.
  8. Dating. They tend to go for people that are older than they are. The hardest part about dating for an old soul is finding someone their age that understands them, which is why they end up going after people who are older than they are.
  9. Relaxing. Old souls might have a hard time loosening up, so it might take some prying to get them to relax. They have a tendency to take things too seriously at times, so try to have some patience with them when they seem on edge.
  10. Sensitive. Old souls are extremely sensitive, so watch what you say around them. While they will always be honest with you about their feelings, they also expect the same from you, and if they find out you aren’t being completely honest with them, they might feel betrayed.
  11. Creative. Old souls are creative and will put a lot of thought into a date night with you. Rather than your usual dinner and a movie, an old soul will make sure you have a memorable date night experience with them and will take things to the next level.
  12. Intuition. Old souls are really in tune with their intuitions, and can tell right away when something is wrong. Don’t try to hide your real feelings from them, because there is no use in doing so.
  13. Realists. They can come off as pessimistic at times, but in fact, they are just realists. They are constantly feeling disappointed by humanity, so sometimes they need their partner to help remind them that things aren’t always so bad.
  14. Independence. While old souls love spending time at home with their significant others, they also value their alone time, so don’t feel offended if your partner requests some time apart.
  15. Worth it. At the end of the day, dating old souls can come with some difficulties, but it’s worth it because they will be extremely loving, loyal, and understanding of your needs.