Change Evokes Fear

Change is necessary for survival. We grow used to what is comfortable and predictable because it induces reassurance. However, many of us fear change in our lives because it brings with it insecurity and a feeling of losing control. In times of change our belief system may be questioned. Our attitude toward our self, others, and the world may be forced to transform.

Living in the US and tolerating the most recent political election is an excellent illustration in how change might evoke fear. This article is not about this election but the event is a very good example how a major change can bring about a deep insecurity forcing us to readjust our attitude.

A catastrophic event such as an earthquake, a hurricane or an electrical grid failure forces change in the environment and our personal life. And even the events unfolding now with the terrible displacement of families in Syria due to unpredictable, unprecedented war bring on the horrendous feeling of losing control, immense anxiety and uncertainty. Sitting here in the comfort of my office, I cannot phantom the tremendous change these people are experiencing from being uprooted and displaced.

We are in a time now when we are no longer guaranteed control over events. Chaos at all levels, environmentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually will breed enormous fear. How are we going to accommodate ourselves to this new way of living?

The Council of the Ancient White Brotherhood says, “There is something to be sorted among the emotions as they arise during times of change. Fear, being based in the human consciousness, is an emotion that triggers action and will be more apparent in the days ahead.”

They also state, “It is important at this time that the souls that have chosen to be here, who made the choice long before the present time, and are predestined to live through these events, are here to release the fear that has been gathered through many journeys; and presently as a shift of time changes this fear, it is important that the fear be released to move into new dimensional states, for this fear will not be a survival tool as love begins to be more a part of the consciousness.”

The Council suggests that the opposite of fear is love. This is a fact most of us reading this article understand already. They say the dimensional shift the planet as a whole is advancing through will transcend the fear. Our view of what is happening to us and our environment will shift and we will not be overcome by distress.

The Council says, “So we ask, why would one choose one state beyond that of the other, when the thoughts be the one that creates the fear, the suffering, the chaos, the questioning, the judgement and the pain, when the choice could be made to stay within that state of Joy.”

“What is recommended is to remove self from the plane of fear into the plane of love, from the level of intellect into the level of heart, and that is what will help each individual soul to endure and survive the change.”

“This is a time to rejoice in preparation, for change is upon all. Joining the body into the oneness of light is occurring. The road may be difficult between here and there, but keeping the mind and heart focused upon the joy in the end will be what will help complete the journey.”

This all seems so simple to me but so very true. In past years, I have asked the Council why there is so much suffering and death through war and similar events, like those that relate to the Syrian crisis. They have said over and over that there is a cyclical cleansing on the planet that happens periodically. Those who live in areas that is part of the cleansing are there by preordained choice and will return to their light and for those remaining to not grieve their return.

Vicki Largen Mauer


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