Getting this Book Written Didn’t Come Easy


Cosmic Conscious Communication demonstrates an attainable dialogue between the mind and a universal intelligence. We converge with this intelligence while in the womb and during our early years of life, although through the duration of childhood, while learning the ways of being human, many of us lose the ability to understand and communicate with this inborn intelligence.

In my early years, I unknowingly connected to a group of dimensional entities that guided and directed my destiny. As a young adult, my beliefs were well in alignment with metaphysical philosophies and a disciplined spiritual practice. Looking back at my adventures, each choice and change I endured were all stepping stones guiding me to a greater purpose of reunion with a celestial intelligence known as the Great White Brotherhood. This book articulates that predestined journey and how I received skillful instruction from a mentor and the Great White Brotherhood to take measures needed to accomplish my purpose.

The word white does not refer to a white race as in Caucasian but is indicative of a white light. On occasion they referred to themselves as the Brotherhood of the White Light Forces.

It was never my intention to write a book or expose my personal life to the world. Being moderately reserved and private, the extent of sharing my unusual encounters had been limited to close friends. For an audience to read about me and my passion felt overwhelmingly egocentric and incomprehensible. However, after contemplating this book for ten years and finally getting down to writing it a few years ago, I feel wiser, more settled and content, and less concerned about what people will think of me.

Exploring higher states of consciousness has always motived my work, influenced the literature I read, and directed my choice in friendships. Open-minded clients and colleagues appreciated my passion in the exploration of dimensional time travel using hypnotic trance states to alter consciousness. For most of my life, even in my youth, an insatiable desire directed me to the study of ancient wisdom and awakened a craving to experience divine illumination.

As a hypnotherapist, my main interests in trance work are past life regression, spirit guide communication, and penetrating the veil into higher dimensions. Hypnosis methodically creates an entryway toward a dimensional journey and healing. From my own experience in hypnosis, I know the mind is far more capable of quantum wonders accessing intangible realities than researched and accepted in mainstream science in the recent past. More books are being written on the subject today than even a few years ago.

Advocating the authenticity of the law of attraction, my impassioned study and work in altered states of consciousness attracted an open doorway into a mystical realm of communication with entities from beyond our present third-dimensional world. At the beginning of the encounters, these entities encouraged me to share the material derived from our communication by writing a book. I wished to focus on the material given to me and not about me personally. I wasted many years resisting when these benevolent entities recommended the book be a practical experience of my life. They tenderly urged me to share my story first and then share the teachings and preparations required for others to reach a heightened state of cosmic consciousness.

As I struggled in my mind about writing the book, remarkable magical events transpired in my life. Unfortunately, at the same time I hit bottom with various health problems and found it hard to maintain a state of balance for extensive periods of time. Adjusting to a vibrational mind-body shift and doubting that I could write the book added difficulty in maintaining equilibrium. Writing a self-help book, in my opinion, would be just one more story.

Once I released my fear of exposure and gave into the request of the entities, my personal negative nuances began to lose their grip. The entities would not ask me to expose myself if it would be detrimental in any way. In my heart, I knew from the affectionate, compassionate way they asked me to write my story that only significant benefit would derive from it.

Passage from, Cosmic Conscious Communication:Reunion with a Celestial Intelligence, by Vicki Largen Mauer

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