Book: Cosmic Conscious Communication

Cosmic Conscious Communication: A True Story of Reunion with a Celestial Intelligence takes you on an alluring, intimate journey with Vicki as she travels through her inner vision beyond present reality. A predestined meeting with her twin soul and mentor sadly ends too soon, leaving her alone to maneuver challenging complex mind body changes. She … More Book: Cosmic Conscious Communication

Planting a Seed of New Creation

“Channels are being asked to disseminate information that is given to inspire confidence in the masses as if planting a seed of new creation within each mind. As the seed grows, help from above will be available as the expansion of the newfound body- mind consciousness emerges.” Excerpt from, “Cosmic Conscious Communication: Reunion with a … More Planting a Seed of New Creation

Getting this Book Written Didn’t Come Easy

Cosmic Conscious Communication demonstrates an attainable dialogue between the mind and a universal intelligence. We converge with this intelligence while in the womb and during our early years of life, although through the duration of childhood, while learning the ways of being human, many of us lose the ability to understand and communicate with this … More Getting this Book Written Didn’t Come Easy

Cosmic Agenda

Cosmic Conscious Communication evolved from 17 years of challenging, yet fascinating effort. Journey with me in your imagination, heart and soul as you read each page. The channeled messages are compelling and influential. Intuit the message in the words as you intellectually absorb them. Please let me know how you feel about the book and … More Cosmic Agenda