Hypnosis and Our Hidden Ability



There has always been a mystique surrounding hypnosis, a sense of mystery that is intriguing.  The word “hypnosis” stems from the Greek word for sleep.  However, people experiencing hypnosis are not actually sleeping.  They may appear to others to be asleep, but they can think, talk, open their eyes, respond to suggestion and move in any way.  People experiencing hypnosis are usually aware of their surroundings and can hear other sounds beside the voice of the hypnotist. Hypnosis is relaxed receptivity with increased perception, a state of deep relaxation, which quiets the body and opens the mind.

In the 20th century there has been a significant and impressive amount of experimental research with the phenomenon of hypnosis and its effects on the human body and mind.  The sleeping prophet, Edgar Cayce, said there is clear clinical evidence that physiological changes in the nervous system occur during hypnosis.  He suggested that hypnosis evoked a distinct altered state of consciousness, which could be induced by a trained clinician or could be self-awakened.

It is my experience that therapeutic suggestion in a hypnotized subject produces changes in the mind that are difficult to attain in a typical waking state or even in deep states of meditation. Hypnotic suggestion has the potential to bring about a subconscious state of deep trance that would be inaccessible in normal consciousness. And with practice, it is attainable using self-hypnosis.



Deep trance levels of consciousness have been used for centuries by our greatest prophets to open doorways into other dimensions.  Communicating with spirit guides, angels, the departed, celestial beings, and reading the Life records or Akashic records using an altered trance state, are common-place for those possessing the ability to cross the veil into the higher dimensions.

There is a profound secret  as a human race we are not all aware of.  We all possess this ability. I once read that God hid this gift in each human with the intent of it being awakened at the right time in history.  I feel strongly the time is NOW. You don’t need to be a prophet to access the higher dimensions.  However, it may be extremely difficult for some to do because it is a discipline that must be nurtured and developed, unless of course you are born with psychic ability, which many children today are coming in with.

We have heard more about people channeling in the last few decades. Some are deep trance channelers and some light trance channelers. I prefer the deeper trance channeling, because I believe it is not always easy to separate the minds interpretation of the material in a lighter state. I like to feel that my mind is completely out of the way.  Although, with practice, it IS possible in a lighter state to move through the veil quickly and communicate with other beings . When this becomes possible, knowing how to interpret what is mind and what is real information is imperative.

In this web site-blog I plan to teach you, using the instructions of the Celestial Beings that I communicate with in trance states, how to awaken this secret hidden ability.

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