Hypnosis: A Pathway to Illumination

When most people hear the word hypnosis, the first thing that comes to mind is a man on a stage asking people to do bizarre acts. Hypnotists that do events such as this are called “stage hypnotists”, however, hypnosis entails countless more intriguing facets. Hypnosis is commonly used for healing, pain control, weight loss, anesthesia for surgery, phobias, regression, crime solving, and more. It can also be used to induce deep trance states, called “hypnotic sleep” which is necessary for spirit communication known as channeling.



Deep Trance Hypnosis

There are four levels of measurable brain wave activity. Each has a particular cycle-per-second rate. Beta is our everyday, normal waking state. Alpha is the state we all go into regularly while drifting into nighttime sleep and later as we awaken in the morning. Theta occurs in deep hypnosis, intense meditation and early stages of nighttime sleep. Delta is the deepest sleep or unconsciousness and the least understood level of the human mind. Somnambulism is another word hypnotist use for this deep state. Alpha is the level most people experience when in hypnosis and is referred to as controlled relaxation.  Channeling is achievable in the theta or delta state.



Spirit Communication Using Trance

Once a deep trance state is reached, the hypnosis subject is verbally guided using imagery into an altered consciousness. The altered consciousness occurs through a series of biological changes that take place within the brain and are sometimes referred to as the opening of the internal vision known as the third eye.  When channeling, a person becomes a vessel for the spirit voice. This spirit voice represents a super conscious or universal mind. Spiritual information does not originate from within the human vessel but is simply channeled from a higher source known as “higher beings”, “ascended masters”, the “Akashic Records”, or a “collective unconscious”. But these are all one in accessing the same source.




Once this level of consciousness has been achieved, the human vessel experiences a state of illumination. Connecting into the higher dimensions expands the conscious and subconscious mind and ignites a spark of awakening toward vast potentials. We’ve all heard how we use only a fraction of our brains ability.  Visiting these altered states of consciousness using deep trance hypnosis triggers the activity of new brain cells. Your brain literally starts to wake up!




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3 Simple Ways to Enlightenment

Enlightenment is not a term I speak about causally. My greatest respect goes out to the many masters through the centuries who have reached this monastic state. But guess what folks! The time is here. We are now moving toward a consciousness ascension, which is a form of enlightenment. Many of us complicate the meaning and hold it in such high regard that we don’t allow ourselves the possibly that we too are capable of an enlightened state.



We must change the way we eat. You’ve heard the phrase, “you are what you eat.” A higher frequency cannot safely penetrate a body ridden with preservatives, toxic chemicals, and imbalances dues to bad eating habits. Eating a diet attuned to what nature provides naturally will purify the body and mind and allow a higher frequency to reside within the body. I’m not saying we must consume only rice and milk, like the ancient masters, to reach the higher states. We are in an advanced era in the cycle of enlightenment. Eating a pure diet of locally grown organic foods and not being decadent with amounts will assist the body in attracting a lighter energy. Focusing on a modest diet will generate rejuvenation in the body, creating balance and harmony as the new frequency stabilizes the human vibration. It is as simple as that.

  Thoughts and Attitude

Another cliché, “You become your thoughts.” Have you monitored the thoughts in your mind lately? Yes, wow. Crazy! Changing your thoughts is the hardest task to overcome. Negativity, frustration, over-stimulation, pressure, worry and anxiety are external irritants that are bombarding our thoughts daily. The greatest challenge in controlling negative thoughts is to not allow the thoughts to over come our energy and create a negative attitude. If you have a negative thought, which we all do from time to time and some days more than others, consciously follow it with a positive thought. If you think, “I feel like crape today”, follow it with, “this is going to be the best day ever.” Or, “the world is falling apart.” Follow it with, “I’m going to do my part in creating a positive world today.” Eventually, with practice, the mind will get it. Your body will learn to feel better with positive thoughts and enjoy the feeling. This will invite the higher spiritual forces to your mind and body to build an enlightened state.

                                                         Meditation and Environment

A clean, organized, peaceful environment will bring about peace, balance, and rejuvenation. Keeping a tidy home will help to bring a calmness within the consciousness. Disorder and clutter attracts disharmony and anxiety. A well-defined orderly place that you can do meditation will aid in reaching the deeper states of consciousness, which will open the internal doorway to higher dimensions. Creating a space of safety and initiating a confident energy field will shield and strengthen the positive forces in the body. Then meditate, meditate, meditate!

Now that humanity is in an epoch of transformation, even though the above concepts seem elementary, they are keys for change that will guide you into the new age. The lifestyle modifications will catapult you into an enlightened consciousness vibration.

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